We incentivize businesses to build unique virtual presence and interesting user experiences


More than just a web3D builder, Spacecreator it’s a complete virtual business solution. Own your own space by not been forced to buy land.


Spacecreator helps you validate your user journey with full access to engagement and custom KPIs to grow your business and culture virtually.


With Spacecreator you have the freedom to create, design, manage and monetize your virtual presence exactly the way you want.


to build persistent, concurrent, gamified and scalable experiences

World Editor

Easily create any type of virtual space with drag & drop. Whatever your style is, you’ll find the perfect design through predefined templates.

Management System

Manage your images, videos, streamings and presententations. Add them within a click and ensure a spectacular result.


Social Tools

Socialization through voice, written and video chat; public or private. Plus, play with interactive buttons. Insert forms, ratings, follows or any info panel.

Mini Games

Build unique experiential memories. Create gamified activities to encourage interactions and connections between people.


Data Collector

Analyze metrics to find your audience and create smarter experiences through data-driven experiences.


Use cases

virtual spaces for persistant worlds
or short-term activities just through your browser

Trainings, teambuildings, onboardings
and virtual campuses.


Showrooms, retail, human resources,
workspaces and congresses.

Gamified activations, fan experiences,
cultural events and e-sports.

Spacecreator is a web3D builder you can use to create
cutting-edge experiential spaces, interactive brand activations and virtual events.

Discover the potential of Spacecreator to build creative environments,
powerful collaborative features and the capacity to design
any virtual space for the new internet.

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Early Adopters

Creating virtual spaces with Spacecreator

Our Early Adopter

Take part in building the future by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.

Our Affiliate

Our affiliate program is for freelancers, studios and agencies who shapes the future by building virtual spaces for their clients.