May 29, 2023

5 types of professional virtual spaces you can build with Spacecreator.

Discover all the tools of Spacecreator that will allow you to create professional virtual spaces. From creating a virtual office equipped with communication and collaboration tools to building a 3D website that enhances your relationship with clients and increases interaction within your community.

What is a professional virtual space?

Before you start creating your first professional virtual space, it is important to differentiate what a professional virtual space is. Just like there are different tools to create web pages, every year we see new platforms emerging that aim to assist large companies, professionals, or creatives in entering this new paradigm commonly known as the “Metaverse.”

A professional virtual space is a digital environment designed to provide remote teams with a collaborative and efficient experience through various communication and engagement tools. Professional virtual spaces enable real-time interaction with colleagues, clients, or even your community.

Next, we present five real use cases that companies like Meta, Adobe, and Janssen have implemented using Spacecreator.

Virtual Event with Spacecreator

In its first version in 2020, Meta decided to create a virtual version of the “Club de Creativos” event in San Sebastián, Spain. The well-known “C de C” is an organization that promotes the creative industry in Spain through training and education provided by top professionals from various fields: content creators, creative agencies, marketing agencies, leading brands, and more.

The event involved virtualizing the physical space of the event into a digital version that could be accessed through a web browser without any downloads or installations. Anyone could access the virtual event by registering for free, customizing their avatar, and gaining access to various free and restricted content for those with tickets.

Within the space, different types of content were available, including videos, texts, presentations, gamified activities, conference rooms, and more.

Onboarding processes for new employees

One of the significant challenges for any company is to execute a proper welcome process for new employees, including cultural integration, team integration, efficient access to necessary information and resources, and providing effective training to ensure the successful development of their new employees’ work.

In this case, the pharmaceutical company Janssen utilizes Spacecreator to offer a unique experience through a customized professional virtual space that allows for measuring and tracking the onboarding process of its employees on a quarterly basis.

To achieve this, gamification tools, on-demand videos, interactive buttons with links, and scheduled conference spaces have been employed. All of this includes analytics that enable the measurement of interaction with content and mini-games.

Virtual offices

Learning to manage remote or hybrid teams has become one of the greatest challenges for companies. Despite the existence of countless communication tools like Slack, Discord, Google Meet, or Zoom that enable intermittent contact, it seems that this is no longer sufficient for employees.

A virtual office is a digital space equipped with communication, collaboration, and interaction tools that go beyond work. In this case, our own Spacecreator and Futura Space teams use our tool to engage in team building activities through gamified experiences such as the “Virtual Soccer League,” conduct daily team meetings in Meeting Rooms, or deliver product demonstrations within the same platform.

With Spacecreator, companies can choose from various 3D templates and customize them with text, images, videos, and more, all thanks to the integrated CMS.

Virtual training

In this case, we bring together different educational institutions that have utilized Spacecreator to create a personalized virtual space for educational purposes, including UNAV, ESADE, UOC, and ESDesign.

For example, both UNAV and ESADE have used Spacecreator to create a virtual space for their universities, where they present their educational content to students from different academic disciplines or host an “open house” event to attract new students.


A 3D website is an evolution of the traditional 2D web model. Essentially, a 3D website is a virtual representation that allows for the creation of a disruptive version of the conventional web. It enables showcasing services, displaying project portfolios, creating contact forms, and even establishing a 3D online store.

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