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Creating Digital Twins in a Virtual Space: MWC23 Case

At the beginning of 2023, we announced our collaboration with the Mobile World Capital at the Mobile World Congress. It was at the main event booth where we presented the project “Feel The Technology.”

Here, we demonstrated how Spacecreator can be used to create virtual spaces in the form of digital twins of real physical environments. In this case, we showcased iconic areas of the city of Barcelona, where visitors could take a virtual tour of the city with their personalized avatars.

Barcelona as an Immersive Virtual Space

Different virtual environments were designed to serve as digital twins of iconic points in the city:

  • La Barceloneta
  • Park Güell
  • Camp Nou
  • Las Ramblas
  • Petritxol
  • Santa Maria de la Mar Church

Within these spaces, visitors could freely navigate with their personalized avatars. Although these were virtual environments designed to showcase specific areas of the city, the main idea was to ensure these spaces remained faithful to reality. For example, a tourism office of a city council looking to attract more tourists to their city through a virtual space can achieve that with Spacecreator.

Ideas for Professional Virtual Spaces for Your Company

During the Mobile World Congress, there was no need for simultaneous users in these environments, as the experience and objectives were not related.

However, for a company that wants to create a virtual office that faithfully reflects the architecture and structure of their main office, bringing together dozens or hundreds of employees, they can do so with Spacecreator.

Realistic Virtual Offices

If you have a digital twin of your office and would like to leverage it in a virtual workspace for your company, you can contact our team for guidance on its integration into Spacecreator.

In case you need it, you can have this space as a personalized template within your world editor in Spacecreator.

Themed Virtual Offices

Regardless of whether you want your virtual office or space to be realistic, matching real-life architecture, you can choose a special theme and customize your spaces accordingly. For example, in Spacecreator, you can incorporate a virtual Christmas office, where you can find snowballs, a snowy environment, a frozen lake, and even a Christmas tree with a fireplace. Alternatively, you could design a space based on Halloween.

Metaverse-style Virtual Offices

Let’s remember that the Metaverse is simply a medium of communication that takes interaction a step further than what we find in regular web pages.

When we refer to Metaverse-style virtual offices, we mean that you can break free from established norms. Your offices don’t have to be conventional buildings or standard meeting rooms; you can take your imagination to the next level and create environments that float as if by magic or even have your offices resemble a beach resort in the Caribbean.

Find out how you can start creating your virtual office in minutes. You can fill out the form below in less than 1 minute or write to us at hello@spacecreator.io.

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