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Discover how Janssen's HR department utilizes virtual spaces and what their objectives are.

Within the different uses that we can apply in Spacecreator and in professional virtual spaces, we can highlight that more and more Human Resources departments, and even entire companies, are integrating new solutions for various scenarios.

In this occasion, you will learn how Janssen, the pharmaceutical giant part of the Johnson & Johnson group, utilizes Spacecreator as a solution in their Human Resources department. From onboarding new employees to internal training and team-building activities, all in one place and directly from the browser.

Additionally, we will share the key strategies that have contributed to the remarkable success of this virtual space for their team, fostering collaboration and communication among different remote teams, and establishing a much stronger corporate culture across all generations.

Explore Janssen's Virtual Space

The concept of Janssen’s virtual space revolves around being an open area, where users can move freely without feeling restricted. The colors, shapes, and materials were tailor-made to match the company’s artistic preferences.

Within this space, you will find different zones:

  • Hub: This acts as the starting point of the “journey” and a meeting place where users can access various voice areas for networking, socialization elements like a photocall, and even a virtual tour of the company’s physical offices.
  • Auditorium: The main space for presentations and interactions with speakers.
  • Gallery with educational content: Given its diverse uses for the Human Resources department, this gallery allows uploading videos, documents, images, buttons with links, and more for the team to interact with these contents.
  • Gamified Zone: A place for socializing, playing, and even competing with each other, fostering leisure time and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

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How Janssen's HR Department Uses their Virtual Space Created with Spacecreator

When we started designing the virtual space for Janssen’s Human Resources department, there were different use cases since Spacecreator allows transforming the same space into various scenarios within minutes.

The most common mistake is trying to encompass all ideas in a single space. Thus, the decision was made to focus on a complete space for complementary use cases: onboarding processes for new employees, talent recruitment and acquisition, and periodic team-building activities.

Key Points to Achieve Your Virtual Space Goals

The main reason any virtual space succeeds is not based on how beautiful, large, or cool it looks. The success of your virtual space is based on planning.

Questions to Start Planning a Successful Virtual Space

When working with clients like Janssen, we always ask the following questions:

  • How many simultaneous users do you anticipate will connect to your space?
  • Do you know which and how many contents you would like to publish?
  • Will these contents be dynamic or static?
  • What will be the user’s path to make proper use of the space?

Recommended Dynamics

After analyzing the most successful events in Spacecreator and measuring the performance of spaces, most of them align with the following practices:

  • Define the objectives you want to achieve with your virtual space; you can use the SMART method to do so.
  • Determine when and for how long people will be connected to the space.
  • Calculate the total number of different people who can potentially connect to your space.
  • Estimate the number of people who will be connected simultaneously to your space. This is important as it will affect the cost of creating your space.
  • Appoint a team member as the person in charge of managing the activities within the virtual space. This person will act as a facilitator, providing support and assistance to other users and should have the necessary permissions to manage the space effectively.
  • Incorporate gamified activities into the learning processes. For example, you can create an interactive and collaborative quiz to assess knowledge gained from different videos or presentations.

Ways to Enhance and Personalize the Virtual Space Experience

  • Design virtual garments to personalize your avatar. You can create specific outfits to differentiate roles and establish a line of corporate virtual clothing, including shirts, jackets, suits, pants, shoes, and accessories.
  • Create custom gamified activities: Spacecreator allows you to create tailored games or gamified experiences that can be included in your space.
  • Build a digital twin of your offices for remote teams or individuals, providing them with the experience of a virtual workspace where they can interact and collaborate with the rest of the team.
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