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Educational Events in Virtual Spaces: ESDesign's Virtual Lab

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Industries worldwide are increasingly embracing and delving into the potential of the Metaverse. These immersive virtual spaces have evolved into transformational tools, introducing a fresh layer of learning and interaction between a brand and its audience.

In this context, let’s delve into how educational virtual events in virtual spaces are taking center stage. Case in point: ESDesign’s Virtual Lab, the distinguished design school in Barcelona. In 2021, leveraging Spacecreator, ESDesign drew more than 12,000 participants into their virtual space during the event. This remarkable achievement underscores the growing prominence of immersive educational experiences.

Virtual Lab: An Interactive Educational Virtual Space

When designing the space for ESDesign, we carefully examined the school’s activities and how this plan could be augmented with the possibilities that a virtual space offers.

The virtual space comprised of 5 zones where over 100 students from 6 international educational centers and more than 600 people engaged and participated within the virtual environment over the course of 4 days.

Educational virtual event

Virtual Showroom: A Space for Connecting People

One of the significant advantages of creating virtual events is breaking down physical barriers. Prior to ESDesign’s foray into crafting creative virtual events, they were confined to organizing in-person events in Madrid and Barcelona.

Now, leveraging virtual event tools like Spacecreator, they extended their Virtual Lab event to other countries, reaching over 30 industry professionals and 6 international educational centers.

Among these educational centers were students and professionals from Tecnológico de Monterrey, University of Argentina (UADE), Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO), Pontifical Javeriana University, Anáhuac University Network, and the Graphic Designers Union of Buenos Aires.

Tools for Managing International Virtual Events

In this edition, ESDesign extended an invitation to the entire creative community to explore their virtual space, where visitors could engage with fellow users, collaborate, communicate, and forge alliances through networking tools.

Personalized Avatars in a Virtual Space

What better way to unleash imagination than by creating your own personalized avatar? With Spacecreator avatars, we aimed to eliminate gender bias, resulting in avatars that were entirely morphologically customizable, from clothing and colors to accessories.

Beyond avatar personalization, we introduced a virtual profile for each avatar. Professionals and other users could willingly include their contact information as a digital business card. This design ensured that the networking experience flowed naturally and without any friction.

Virtual avatar customization spacecreator

Content and Interactive Elements

Throughout the entire virtual space, various types of content were strategically placed: summary videos for each session, private and public collaborative work areas, student work exhibitions with interactive buttons (likes), live conferences, on-demand videos, links, and even surveys.

All these content pieces and interactive elements were carefully crafted to align with the event’s objectives. However, none of this could be achieved without the following crucial point.

Planning, Strategy, and Narrative

As we’ve emphasized before, planning is the key to the success of any virtual space.

Having a clear strategy will guide you in understanding the ‘why,’ ‘what for,’ and ‘how’ behind the functionality of your virtual space, or as it’s often referred to, in the metaverse. Effective planning ensures that all users of your virtual space won’t miss out on anything.

Narrative plays a vital role in not only comprehending the events within but also shaping the design, layout, and even the lasting impression in the minds of your visitors.

Let us assist you in planning your educational virtual space.

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