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Educational Virtual Spaces: Revolutionizing Learning and Teaching

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Virtual spaces have become a standard across various industries, whether it’s creating digital twins, developing HR tools, or designing gamified experiences.

These virtual spaces, exemplified by platforms like Spacecreator, offer a realm of potential for reuniting students and educators on the path of learning. Through gamification, interactive engagement, or simply crafting new experiences and memories, students can strengthen communication and connection with peers.

What is an Educational Virtual Environment?

In today’s landscape, immersive virtual spaces serve as tools enabling students, teachers, and educational institutions to exchange knowledge, conduct activities, and collaborate as if in a physical classroom.

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Platform vs. Virtual Space: Is There a Difference?

When we talk about virtual platforms, we refer to tools like Coursera, Moodle, Udemy, or even Google Learning. These are spaces where instructional content is uploaded, and communication is usually one-directional.

Conversely, immersive virtual spaces, or “metaverses,” extend the capabilities of traditional platforms. For instance, within Spacecreator, schools, universities, and even independent professionals can create a virtual campus, upload videos, images, host live training sessions, and much more.

Creating a Virtual Space for learning

Embarking on your first virtual campus or virtual class is straightforward when your objectives are clear. Do you envision a static environment where students access educational content? Do you seek student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction? Are you considering gamification to enhance the learning process? Or perhaps, are you pondering the integration of VR technology for teaching?

These questions arose during the creation of the virtual campus for Universidad de Navarra and ESDesign’s first Virtual Lab. Both educational cases were resounding successes, incorporating diverse content such as videos, lectures, interactive buttons, and even one-on-one private sessions with faculty members.

Benefits of Virtual Spaces for Learning

Global Reach

Virtual spaces excel at shattering geographical barriers. They allow students worldwide to collaborate, share ideas, and learn together, fostering respect and understanding of diverse cultures.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Unlike standard Zoom calls or mundane email exchanges with professors and peers, immersive educational platforms like Spacecreator enable interaction through customizable avatars, voice, video, and written chat, alongside various collaboration tools.

Active Participation

Thanks to Spacecreator’s captivating interface, student engagement remains high. Interactive elements and real-time interactions restore the magic of learning for both students and educators.

Benefits of Using Spacecreator for Educational Virtual Spaces

Within Spacecreator’s feature set, free to use when creating your inaugural metaverse, notable attributes include:

Concurrent User Capacity

Nowadays, Spacecreator supports 200 simultaneous users on a single server. This means that within the same virtual space, 200 individuals can interact seamlessly. Moreover, user capacity can be scaled without limit, with users staying connected via the chat and various content thanks to the friends function.

Analytics and Data

Imagine having a website without Google Analytics installed; you’d be unable to measure site activity or the usefulness of your content. Similar considerations apply to virtual classrooms.

Integrated data collection within Spacecreator allows educators to monitor student interaction with educational content, identify users who engaged with the virtual space, and visualize student concentrations using a heat map.


Spacecreator adheres to security protocols aligned with industry giants. Safeguarding the privacy of institutions, students, and educators is paramount.

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