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Interactive Virtual Events: Facebook x Club de Creativos

Interactive virtual event Facebook x Spacecreator

For those unfamiliar with the Club de Creativos (CdeC), it is an organization that brings together creative professionals, advertisers, and communication experts from Spain with the aim of promoting and recognizing creative work in the advertising industry.

Among the various activities, workshops, and events they host, one of the highlights is “Los Días C,” where Facebook, now known as Meta, collaborates with CdeC to celebrate a festival focused on creativity, advertising, and communication.

But in 2020, something changed, and instead of canceling their main event held in the city of San Sebastián, they wanted to demonstrate why the Club de Creativos is a unique organization.

Custom Virtual Event

In March 2020, CdeC was forced to postpone its festival. To offer a solution to the thousands of attendees who had already purchased tickets for a physical event, the organization decided to use Spacecreator as a solution, blending an in-person and a virtual event.

They proposed recreating the Palacio de Congresos del Kursaal, located in San Sebastián. Through a digital twin in a virtual space, they could provide a realistic experience to their audience, regardless of whether they were in the city or not.

Spaces and Activities at the Event

As mentioned before, the success of a virtual event, especially one with over 1000 unique users, lies in planning. Therefore, after designing the event dynamics and holding several strategy and creativity sessions, they set up four different zones.

Welcome Hall and Meeting Point

This space was an open area at the entrance of the Kursaal, aiming to faithfully replicate the experience of the physical event. In this zone, attendees could find information points, a photocall, the schedule of various sessions and presentations, all while enjoying the views of the city of San Sebastián.

Auditorium for Presentations

This served as the meeting place for various industry professionals, including producers, creatives, and marketers. They all gathered in a virtual space that allowed them to communicate and attend events like the National Creativity Awards and the JMM Award for young talent.

On-Demand Videos

In this area, different content was presented for reflection by a group of professionals. Users could access these videos, which played automatically when they entered their predefined interaction area.

Corporate Virtual Space - "Facebook Zone"

This was a multi-disciplinary space where they held training activities like “Reels School,” where Meta company professionals taught how to use this newly launched tool in 2020. Additionally, there was a contest encouraging users to use a filter designed to transport them to San Sebastián.

Finally, there was a special auditorium for “Conversations with,” which involved discussions with top-level creatives and other professionals.

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Tools and Features for a Virtual Event

During the strategy and experience design phase, beyond creating the 3D space, the avatars of the users were equipped with various functionalities to enrich the space and the event experience.

Among Spacecreator’s features, the intensive use of public chat by users and private chat for those who took advantage of virtual networking sessions to create new alliances in the creative industry were highlighted.

Furthermore, users who had a ticket for the in-person event could redeem it in the virtual space and gain access to exclusive content during the 3-day event. Customized voice areas and content, such as stands and rooms, allowed for an incredible experience that users shared on their social media platforms.

Gamified Activities and Giveaways at a Virtual Event

To encourage interaction among users and make the virtual event engaging, Meta decided to raffle a VR headset, the Meta Quest 2, among participants of training sessions and the Quizz game. This, along with a data results panel accessible to event organizers and administrators, allowed them to track the activity.

Analytics at a Virtual Event

Using Spacecreator’s analytics tool, they recorded +1000 unique users over 3 days within the virtual event space.

Additionally, they could measure the number of users participating in training sessions, contests, gamified experiences, and the content they consumed. This allowed the Club de Creativos to measure the event’s results and make data-driven decisions to improve the user experience, ensuring the success of the event, leading them to repeat the festival for a second consecutive year.

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