Spacecreator features: Tools to create a professional virtual space


When it comes to creating a professional virtual space, it's important to understand its potential uses. There are different tools that cater to various types of solutions, offering powerful and attractive functionalities such as blockchain integration. However, they may not always align with our specific needs.

Now, let us help you explore each feature of Spacecreator from within, showcasing examples of how other companies utilize them and how you can do the same.

Virtual Space from the Browser

Imagine turning on your computer and accessing a collaborative workspace simply by typing a URL or clicking on a bookmark in your browser.

Accessing your virtual space directly from the browser enables faster and broader adoption across your organization, whether it's a private or public space. Everything works just like a regular webpage, and you can even add a direct link from your website for your team, clients, or other visitors to discover your 3D web.

Now, let us help you explore each feature of Spacecreator from within, showcasing examples of how other companies utilize them and how you can do the same.

Content Management System (CMS) - Just like WordPress

During the development of Spacecreator, we wanted to maintain customization flows through familiar content management methods for marketers, webmasters, and other digital professionals.

That's why we created an integrated CMS within the platform, where you can choose the type of content you want to publish using what we call Pro Elements. These Pro Elements are areas where you can place content or perform various actions.

Pro Elements

Pro Elements allow you to incorporate different types of content such as images, logos, videos, texts, or even thumbnail previews before starting a live stream or conference.

Furthermore, you can use them as interactive whiteboards, share screens, or combine content with interactive buttons that lead users to product pages, forms, or meeting links.

Create a free account from the navigation menu or contact us. 

Template Gallery

To make things easier, Spacecreator includes +25 customizable templates using Pro Elements. To utilize these templates, following the same philosophy as traditional web builders like Elementor or Wix, you only need to drag and drop the 3D templates and you're good to go.

Additionally, if your company has created 3D scenarios that you want to include in Spacecreator and utilize all the mentioned tools in this post, please reach out to our customer support team.

Communication Tools

Since these are collaborative spaces, communication tools are essential. Spacecreator includes video, text, and voice communication features.

Virtual Video Calls

There are various ways to utilize video calls: private 1-to-1 calls, group video calls, or designated video call areas. The latter allows space owners or users with Editor permissions to enable video call areas within a virtual office, virtual fair, or any chosen template.

Voice Calls

Similar to video calls, it is also possible to enable voice call areas where users can communicate without using cameras, similar to voice chat rooms in Discord or Slack.


You can find a public chat for all users within the space or engage in private conversations with other users, even if they are not connected to the same space. For instance, a user visiting a public space, such as a company's 3D website, can have a private chat conversation with a contact added to their friends' list who may be in a completely unrelated and different showroom.

Analytics for professional virtual spaces

Data, data, and more data. Spacecreator includes powerful analytics functionality for companies looking to leverage virtual spaces as tools to foster their growth.

Currently, Spacecreator offers professional license users a data panel that provides reports on user connections, activity, interaction and usage of communication tools, as well as data and results from gamified activities found within the platform.

The best part is that these data can be exported in various formats and integrated with other tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRMs.

Gamification within Virtual Spaces

Regardless of your company's size, having a corporate culture that promotes social relationships among the team is increasingly important. That's why, following the model of traditional offices in large companies like Stripe, Google, Adobe, or Microsoft, in Spacecreator, you can create virtual offices or virtual workspaces with specific recreational areas for those moments when your team needs a break.

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