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Team Building Activities in Virtual Spaces: Virtual Soccer League

Virtual Workspace

As we have mentioned on other occasions, gamified activities are an excellent solution for virtual workspaces, team-building activities, and even training processes, as in the case of Janssen’s use.

It is estimated that since the beginning of our professional life (around the age of 20), we spend an average of 40% of our time working, talking about work, or thinking about work. This can be alarming, especially if the work environment does not meet personal and emotional needs.

In this case, Abu Dhabi Ports, part of the “Ad Ports Group” in UAE, wanted to include an activity that would foster collaboration and teamwork among its employees. Leveraging the technological foundation of Spacecreator and its functionalities, we were able to create a unique experience inspired by the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Virtual Soccer League

The “Virtual Soccer League” is a creative initiative that allows connecting with other members of your company who work in different departments. These are departments with which you may not have much contact, nor the opportunity to work together or form authentic social relationships.

For this reason, the Human Resources department of Abu Dhabi Ports wanted a tool that would bring its different teams closer in a real and authentic way, promoting natural communication.

In the case of the “Virtual Soccer League,” which you can find in Spacecreator, it is designed as a fun activity that encourages participation, creating a sense of community while reducing stress and boosting workers’ morale.

Dynamics of Groups in Virtual Spaces

In the case of the Virtual Soccer League, the focus is on organizing soccer matches between two teams of 7 vs. 7 players. When entering the stadium, you can choose your team.

The main idea is to mix people from different work teams so that they play together on the same team while communicating through voice or video calls. In this way, we promote communication and strategy through the game.

Additionally, the Virtual Soccer League can also be used as a dynamic for remote work teams that cannot attend Christmas company dinners, for example.

Another use case would be to include a virtual gamified activity like this before daily or daily meetings where the entire team comes together. This way, you can start the workday differently, using only 7 minutes of the entire workday’s time, creating a more friendly and enjoyable atmosphere before starting work.

How to Include Gamified Activities in Your Virtual Space

How to Include Gamified Activities in Your Virtual Space

Currently, you can use the Virtual Soccer League in all Spacecreator licenses. To do this, simply sign up for free, start editing your space, select and drag the 3D soccer stadium module to the map of your space.

This way, your team will have access to a gamified virtual space in which they can work, collaborate, and communicate with the rest of the team.


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