Show Appreciation to
Your Remote Team

With a lovely crafted Virtual Christmas Party.

better relations

Bring your distributed team together in a unique immersive experience where you can hold engaging socials to build better relations.

up the monotony

Discover a themed virtual environment this Christmas and break up your teams' monotony with a fresh and modern corporate culture.

your team spirit

If companies like Google have games in their offices, enjoy playing online to boost your team spirit from wherever they connect.

The Perfect
Team Building

Ready to use - complete setup and technical support,
just through your browser.

virtual Christmas party

Unlimited users.

virtual Christmas party

Open 24/7.

virtual Christmas party

Corporate branding.

virtual Christmas party

Moderation tools.

virtual Christmas party


virtual Christmas party

Social interaction.

Key Features

Virtual Christmas Party

virtual christmas party

We’ve prepared an interactive and fun winter themed event space with different areas to get to know each other and games to play.


Manage your images, videos, streamings and presententations. Add them within a click and ensure a spectacular result.

virtual Christmas party

Socialize through voice, written, and video chat; public or private. Plus, play with interactive buttons. Insert forms, ratings, follows, or any info panel.


Build unique experiential memories. Create gamified activities to encourage interactions and connections between people.

virtual Christmas party
virtual christmas party

Break the routine with a quick match: create teams up to 7 x 7 players and connect with your teammates. 

Success Metrics

Analyze metrics to learn about your teams interactions and build stronger relationships through data-driven experiences.

Data Analytics tool for virtual remote work platform

Loved by forward-thinking, remote teams

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Today more than ever, remote teams need to fill a need for a sense of belonging to the company they work with. With Spacecreator we bring people and teams working from anywhere in the world closer together to achieve a happier, healthier, and funnier environment.

No. Spacecreator works from any PC or Mac browser. Our recommendation is that you use Google Chrome browser in its latest version and do not have more tabs open if you are not using them, this will optimize your user experience and greater immersion in the virtual environment.

Although we do not have a minimum number of users, Spacecreator is designed for team-building activities. Whether you have a remote team of 5, 50, 100, or 500 employees, Spacecreator works the same way.

Yes, we will share pre-recorded recordings and if necessary we can schedule a live demonstration. We will always maintain contact via email before, during, and after the period of the virtual event.