14 febrero 2023

Virtual Office: work and collaborate with your team.

Spacecreator: Virtual Workspace

Normally, when we hear or read the concept of “virtual office”, it seems complex or only meant for large technology companies. However, more and more companies are adopting a remote work culture by incorporating work tools that facilitate communication and collaboration among employees.” 

Today, we want to explain a very simple way in which you can create your own professional virtual office and how it can help you have a much more motivated and engaged team with your company’s mission.

What is a virtual office? Is it the same as the metaverse?

Unlike what we explained in another post (“Virtual Workspace”), a virtual office is a complement to a physical workspace but digitized. For companies that, for example, have a corporate culture where their employees work remotely in a hybrid or fully remote manner, the virtual office is a space they can access at any time.

On the other hand, the term virtual is commonly linked to the concept of the Metaverse, which is basically a means of communication through a 3D space. The difference between the Metaverse and a virtual office is the focus, strategy, and type of use that a company will give it.

But if we had to choose a main element that differentiates them, a virtual office is private while a virtual space (Metaverse) is usually public. It’s like office keys and your website; only a few have access to the former while you want the latter to be known by as many people as possible.

Reasons why you should have a virtual office for your company

While we have already discussed the benefits of a virtual space, in this section we will talk about the specific benefits of having a virtual office for your company.

Company resources savings

When we talk about resources, they can be both supplies, physical goods, and time itself. Being able to connect with your team from your home, a co-working space, or anywhere in the world, without being obligated to travel or have a large physical space to meet with your team, represents a high cost savings in business expenses.

Although not everything should always be seen from the economic perspective. The goal of tools like Spacecreator, for example, is not only to meet the need to meet and work, but also to offer an experience that strengthens the relationship between co-workers, improves their communication, and allows them to connect in the same way as if they were in a physical space.

Process of selecting and hiring new employees.

One of the most common benefits of telecommuting is flexibility for employees. Rarely is the flexibility that companies with a virtual office have when it comes to expanding discussed, being able to reach other countries and markets

A virtual office allows a growing and expanding company to gather its entire team, whether for onboarding sessions or team building activities, in the same virtual space at a very low cost.

For example, Spacecreator has the ability to host up to 200 simultaneous users who can communicate via chat, video, and voice.

Following the previous point, when a company decides to expand, especially in other countries, it’s important to consider reducing cultural barriers and minimizing friction for new employees through accessible and effective tools.

With Spacecreator, you can create different virtual offices or allocate specific rooms for different objectives in the same space. For example, you can customize the content of the rooms by language so that teams can coexist in the same space but segmented by language. Additionally, you can accompany international work sessions with gamified activities to improve communication and strengthen relationships among employees.

Environment and sustainability.

The savings in commuting time for employees working remotely helps to reduce the carbon footprint generated by vehicles and public transportation.

Additionally, companies that opt for a digital culture reduce the amount of paper and other office materials, which contributes to the conversation of the planet through waste reduction. 

How much does it cost to create a virtual work office?

There are different tools with different features that allow you to create your virtual work office. Before deciding on one option or another, you should think about your organization’s needs and those of your team.

For example, Spacecreator has different work tools that facilitate and improve collaborative work and communication:

  • Public and private written chat.
  • Individual and group video calls.
  • Group voice areas
  • Virtual meeting rooms.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Interactive whiteboards (coming in 2023)

In addition, the cost of space varies depending on the size of your equipment. 

You can enjoy a free license for up to 5 people, have all the professional functionalities for up to 200 people for 15€/month per person.

In case your company needs more than 200 users, you can increase the number of people contacted simultaneously by contacting us directly. 

Find out how you can start creating your virtual office in minutes. You can fill out the form below in less than 1 minute or write to us at hello@spacecreator.io.

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