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What is a Virtual Workspace? Benefits, Tools and Activities

Virtual Workspace

We already know the benefits of working remotely, both for employees and companies. But it’s not all plain sailing. As much as companies provide all kinds of hardware so that their team has the essential work tools to work from home, there are other needs that are almost always overlooked.

We’ll look at how a virtual workspace can help you keep employees motivated, make telecommuting less stressful and ensure your team’s commitment to your company’s mission.

What is a Virtual Workspace

Unlike virtual offices or virtual desktops, a virtual space is an environment that does not depend on the physical location of the company. Nor is it just an exact replica of your company’s physical offices where you log in to hold meetings with other members of your team or with clients.

Until now we have known physical workplaces as coworkings, the typical office or work center where different professionals come and go on a continuous basis. The difference between this and a virtual workspace is that you can create a unique, personalized space full of activities and tools to help your team members feel surrounded and supported by their colleagues. 

We’ll look at how a virtual workspace can help you keep employees motivated, make telecommuting less stressful and ensure your team’s commitment to your company’s mission.

Therefore, we refer to a Virtual Workspace as the digital space that has collaborative work applications, virtual work rooms and workspaces, and communication tools to encourage interaction between co-workers no matter where they are in the world.

What is a virtual workspace for?

Today, there are new challenges that companies are facing that pose a threat to working with remote employees:

  • Less communication is established with the rest of the team. 
    The relationship between colleagues is not the same or is limited to work-related issues.
  • Lack of commitment and feeling of belonging to the company.
  • More possibility of not feeling motivated and being less efficient in their tasks.
  • Difficulty in building a solid community and corporate culture.

While it’s true that it’s not all bad, there are many benefits to being able to work from home or around the world, as digital nomads do. But without the right tools and processes, you may be killing flies with cannons. 

For example, the virtual workspaces you can create at Spacecreator are meant to be personalized, welcoming, interactive, and with native social and communication tools to strengthen relationships between coworkers. A virtual workspace should help you to: 

  • Create stronger, more real relationships between teams; get out of the professional dialogue and help people be just that, people.
  • Keep your team motivated with new experiences at their workstation (even if it’s in their living room or a coffee shop).
  • Create dynamics and activities to encourage team building and team development.
  • Strengthen their commitment to your brand by making them feel part of an innovative company.

Benefits of using a virtual workspace

Leaving aside the benefits already mentioned above, at Spacecreator we wanted to provide a series of specific benefits for companies:


Spacecreator has a network protection service that protects the accounts, information and data of each member of your team. Being based on a cloud-based system, we are able to monitor in real time the behavior of each account to detect any possible threat.

Data & Analytics

Just as we can use Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel to track what users do within our website, we have developed a data collector for virtual spaces that allows us to measure everything that can be measured:

  • How much time users spend in a given room.
  • How many times each button has been clicked on
  • Which videos are watched the most and for how long
  • How much time your team members spend on team building activities
  • Who uses the Spacecreator tool most often during the day, week or month.

And so we could go on adding more and more points. The important thing is that we also respect the privacy of conversations, whether in text, audio or video. We never collect this type of information to provide the best possible user experience for each member.


As a virtual workspace, it is made available to the platform whenever required. You can connect with all departments in the same virtual room no matter where they are in the world and what time zone they are in. 

In addition, you can invite as many members as you need. Sometimes even teams working in the same physical office need to get out of the routine and interact with each other in a different way or connect with members of the organization they don’t know.


If you have a website, creating a virtual space in Spacecreator is not so different. We have created a customization system for virtual spaces based on “drag and drop” where we can manage images, videos, links, presentations and more from a content manager. 

You can choose between different customization options, types of buttons or even place a streaming that starts at a certain time and broadcast, from anywhere in the world, a conference in a virtual space.

Examples of uses of virtual spaces

Team Building activities for remote work teams.

Create interactive quizzes in a virtual room for your employees or discover our Virtual Soccer League and play a quick game between members of different departments.

In addition, you can measure the results of game play, correct answers, collaboration and interaction between participants.

Virtual business meetings between employees or with customers

Use dedicated rooms to set up your regular meetings with your sales, administration or human resources departments. You can turn something usual and “boring” into a completely new experience that will make you connect and keep your team motivated.

Virtual showrooms and company news

As if it were a wall of announcements or internal communications, discover the virtual showrooms that allow you to offer a different experience about the latest news or achievements that occur within your company. The idea here is to make everyone feel part of a team.

Conferences, webinars and virtual presentations

You’ve probably heard of webinars. Imagine offering the same for your quarterly results presentation sessions, general communications for your entire organization or presenting a new project to your superiors in a modern, attractive and completely different environment from what you already know. 

Create a free account and start building your virtual office. 

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