Remote Work Collaboration Tools

Task management tools.

Task management is a key aspect in the success of any project, especially when your work team is in different geographical locations.

There are numerous digital tools that help with task organization and management so that each team member can achieve their goals.


Asana is a super comprehensive project management tool; it helps you organize your team’s priorities and monitor deadlines and deliverables. 

It incorporates different tools and ways to visualize your work: it includes Trello-style organizational boards, task lists, calendars and a timeline for more complex projects. 

Additionally, it has various integrations with other apps such as Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, or Jira to use it as a task and resource management center for each project.


Like Asana, Trello focuses on task and project management through a visual card and list system. Trello is a simpler tool but no less powerful. It allows different team members to collaborate in the same space and see changes and progress in real-time from other colleagues.

Like Asana, it also allows connection with other tools such as Miro, Slack, or Salesforce. In addition to having a series of templates that allow you to quickly start working with the tool.

Communication tools.

Lack of personal contact is one of the major challenges to be solved in remote work. That’s why communication is essential in all remote work teams.

There are different solutions to keep a team connected and avoid feeling abandoned: from video call tools, virtual meeting tools or simply chat communication tools.


Slack is a communication and collaboration platform that helps organize work information for teams. With Slack, you can communicate through direct messages and public or private channels that are organized by topics.

Slack integrates various applications and services such as Dropbox, Drive, Zendesk, Hubspot, Trello, GitHub and many others.



Like Slack, Discord enables real-time communication with your team, sending attachments, links, videos, photos, and even GIFs.

Initially focused on gaming communities and teams, Discord offers features that streamline communication for remote work teams, such as voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing.

Google extensions for remote work

Although Google extensions are small software programs that add functionality to Google Chrome, they can greatly streamline your work and help you complete tasks more easily.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This extension allows a team member to securely connect to your computer remotely. This can be useful if your colleagues ever need to access a file or if they can help you in real-time from home or the office by simply sharing the screen and giving up control of your mouse.

Other applications that also allow this are AnyDesk and BlueJeans.


Loom is a video recording tool that improves communication and collaboration in the workplace, especially if you work remotely. It allows you to record screen, webcam, or both at the same time and easily share videos with your team or other users to create presentations or solve problems without the need for meetings that may go on longer than necessary.

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT is one of the big AI revolutions by OpenAI, made available to all internet users almost for free. This Google Chrome extension allows for quick queries directly from the browser without having to stay in the program window.

Utilizing OpenAI’s natural language processing technology, the ChatGPT extension for Google provides users with a more efficient and satisfying search experience

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